Edd Aviña

Monterrey, Mexico

Age: 29

Ed has been holding it down for Landyachtz south of the boarder for many years now. He hosts events on the regular, does a huge amount of community outreach, and somehow still finds time to shred. Any skate community would be lucky to have somebody like Ed in their ranks!




What hooked you on skateboarding?

I guess after the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater videogame I was super hooked, I got my first skateboard around 11-12 y/o, I remember used to go out skate with my older cousin’s friends. At that time (early 00s) this local crew from Monterrey started making skate videos and hosting gigs at skateparks, I think I fell in love with the skateboarding scene at that point, it provided me with great experiences, great music, and the inexorable feeling of freedom that embodies the sensation of movement.

What are your hobbies?

I like making music and performing it. I’ve been performing with bands since I was 13 y/o, haven’t stopped making music ever since, you can check out some of my music here. I’ve been making meditation a habit for the last couple of years so I guess it’s now kind of a hobby too.

I have a very restless nature, so I volunteer and collaborate as much as I can with social causes, 5 years ago I founded a social program where we work with local authorities to give skateboarding lessons in vulnerable areas in Mexico as a tool for building community and fomenting peace, we have done projects in several states in Mexico, Colombia, and Cuba. You can check out the project here: #PatinaPorLaPaz

Any hidden talents?

I think this is not so hidden but I can be super nerdy about socio-politic and philosophy theory. And you may not know this but I practiced Tae Kwon Do for around 8 years and even won a few competitions when I was a teenager.

Favourite setup?

-Landyachtz Obsidian, Bear Smokies, EZ Hawgs

-Perfecto Bang Bang, 155mm Polar Bears, Lil Ezs.

-Landyachtz Surf skate/cruiser

If you had to have only 3 Landyachtz boards for the rest of your life, what would they be?

In a post-apocalyptic scenario, I’d pick an ATV Acid Wash for tricks, Stratus for picking up supplies, and Obsidian with Smokies and Cheetahs to get away from the zombies or cyborgs, or cyborg zombies.

Favourite skater? Or who inspires you?

I get in the skateboarding mood when I see the skating of @leovallsconnected / Fancy Lad Skate.

I think Rodney Mullen is one of the skaters that inspires me the most, he has a very unique mind and an admirable humbleness, Patrick O’Dell videos made me realize I could mix some of my nerdy passions and skateboarding. But I think the people that inspire me the most are my friends, I am fortunate to have such a diverse group of friends doing amazing stuff so I get much inspiration and input from them.

First Landyachtz board?

I used to ride for this local skate shop in Monterrey, Cual Crisis, and these guys hooked me up with an Evo then I got a Landyachtz 925!

What is your dream setup? It doesn’t even need to exist!

Electric Dinghy or Tugboat!

Skater that you would love to skate with?

Those skate dogs and cats, that’d be awesome!

What is skateboarding to you?

It is the ability to create a glitch the matrix, to challenge the status quo, when you start the way of skateboarding, the world around you changes, the urban space becomes a playground. To me, skateboarding is a catharsis and counterculture.

What would you be doing if you were not skating?

Making more music probably.

Which skate videos changed your life?

-Osiris: the storm (1999) Jerry Hsu and Chad Fernandez part are still one of my favorites.

-Studio Monitor II (Monterrey 2001) one of the most influential Mexican skate videos of my generation from my local skate community.

”SUR” A short film we made for our youtube channel Longboard Mexico circa 2010. We travelled from north to south Mexico on the quest of finding the gnarliest hills and meeting new skate friends , the whole experience definitely marked me.

-Loaded’s Let Go got me into downhill and The first Eh team videos got me stoked about the scene, I remember thinking “It’d be cool to skate with these guys”

Which three books, shows, or movies changed your life?

Things I like and I think you guys should watch, read, listen:

TV Shows: Midgnight Gospel on Netflix. Spirit Science on Youtube. Epicly Later’d show on Vice.

Movies: La Belle Verte (1996), Enter the Void (2009), The Human History Movie, Spirit Science available on Youtube.

Read: Talking to Strangers by Malcom Gladwell, The media is the Massage by Marshall Mcluhan.

Listen: Joy as act of resistance by Idles.

What would you change in Skateboarding if you had the chance?

-The general idea that skateboarding is a crime and discrimination inside and towards the skateboarding community.

-Increase the opportunities to create a career on skateboarding outside first world countries.

Favourite music to skate too?

I change my music pretty often, I’ve been listening a lot of latinamerican music lately, like las ligas menores, el mato un policia motorizado, Los mundos. But here’s a playlist of things that got my attention this year:

In your opinion, what is the role of a team rider?

To represent, by giving a voice and a face to a given brand. But also testing products and sending it!

What does being a professional skater mean to you?

It means to be aware and conscious of the skateboarding as a sport, business and as a career. Being a professional skater it’s way more than having a pro model, there are many skaters that have pro models but many are light years away from being professional. It means discipline, integrity, and responsibility. If you happen to be in this position, never take it for granted.

The best piece of advice/wisdom for new riders?

Jake Phelps was many things but one time he said something that I think is really valuable for any skater: “If you are not having fun, you are wasting your time. These are the memories you’ll make for the rest of your life, whatever you do with it that’s your business, but right now, having fun with your friends it’s what makes you the person you are”



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