A message to our followers, fellow skaters and friends around the world

 We find ourselves in challenging times around the world right now. Our hearts go out to everyone feeling the effects of COVID-19 and isolation from distancing and quarantine. It’s important that everyone take care and treat one another with care and respect.  Please listen to the advice of community and global leaders. Our number one priority is the safety of our staff.


Current Warehouse Protocols

We’ve re-organized to limit contact, with people working remotely when possible, and have stepped up cleaning efforts.  Landyachtz will continue to ship boards to our retail partners and our online store will remain open. We have limited our shipping staff to four individuals at a time, working independently at their own stations.

They are cleaning and sanitizing their work stations four times a day and are wearing gloves and masks at all times. Our staff are using their skateboards or bikes to get to work and are avoiding public transit at this time. Because of these new measures in cleaning our shipping times have grown. It’s taking us longer than normal to ship your orders, but don’t worry, we’re on it and hustling to get you your skateboards as quickly as humanly possible.

Because of these changes your online order may take up to 2-5 business days before it gets on the truck. Once it’s collected, you will receive tracking from UPS/FedEx. Their shipping times may also vary.

We are monitoring the situation in Canada and the USA as well as globally and will adapt our business to comply with CDC and government recommendations as needed. It’s time to come together as a global community and do our part in controlling the spread of COVID-19.  


Covid-19 Return Policy

In light of the recent Covid-19 developments, we are temporarily pausing our returns & exchanges program. Once your order has left our warehouse, we will not be able to process any requests for order cancellations, returns or exchanges. If you have recently submitted a request to cancel, return or exchange order, please expect a delay in our response as we are working with limited resources at the moment.


What can you do to stay happy and healthy?

If you can, get outside and go for a cruise, carve a mellow hill or push around your local park. Exercise is great for your mental health, boosts your immune system and is a fun way to unplug and re-center. Recharge with Skateboarding! While skating can be a huge help to everyone getting through this, we want to ask you to be smart and avoid taking unnecessary risks. We feel that as a society we have the responsibility to mitigate our own risk taking and not place additional burden on the medical system.


What about for those of us that are stuck indoors?

We recognize that some of you may not have the option to get out and skate. With this in mind, we’ll be posting cool content regularly and are going to introduce a couple contests for everyone globally to participate in! Have you checked out our Video Trivia Contest yet!? 


Stay Safe,




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